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IMAGINING BRAD, by Peter Hedges

"Imagining Brad is a sort of sadistic John Irving story packaged for the stage. It concerns the developing friendship between the extroverted southern belle Dana Sue Kaye and a newcomer to Nashville, identified only as Brad's Wife, whom she picks up in church and takes under her wing. Dana is married to rough Alex, who brutally abuses her; B.W. is married to Brad, who, in scarier ways than you can imagine, is Alex's opposite." - John Simon, New York Magazine

Peter Hedges ("What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" and "Dan in Real Life") hits the perfect balance with "Imagining Brad."  This two person dramedy takes unexpected comic turns with a very dark subject.


Featuring Sirena Kay Irwin and Sarah Randall Hunt, the curtain rose in LA Spring 2015.

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